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Buy Manos Del Uruguay Online ((HOT))

Thank you so much for this informative post. I was recently in my LYS and they no longer stocked manos, but malabrigo instead. I was wondering why. I purchased some malabrigo and have enjoyed working with it, but I still love manos too. I hope both companies can enjoy success in the marketplace.

buy manos del uruguay online

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I needlefelt into high end, upclycled, natural fiber clothing (cashmere, virgin wool, linen, tincle, bamboo and silk) making one of a kind peices of wearable art. I use Manos exclusively because of their subtle shading and color palette. The bonus has been that they are a womans coop, fair traded and hand spun. So I was excited when I saw that they sold rovings in those lovely colors as well. What has bothered me and now bothers me even more is that over the years it has been harder and harder to purchase their yarns and even more difficult to buy their rovings at a reasonable price and at the quanities I need at yarn shops. The alternative is online but after shipping and handling and not being able to eye it myself, it just doesnt work for me. I too have have found that many stores are replacing them with Malabrigo, and however lovely their colors are they just arent the colors my clients are looking for.I found your site attempting to reseach Manos, (if I can tour? How I can contact them and just to comfort this uneasy feeling I have begun to have as to why I cannot find much about them at all.)To now see comments about low wages, not much interest in allowing the public to view their work spaces and what seems to be, either mindlessly or mal-intended non transperency, has me very uncomfortable.My pieces tell a story. Each woman who wears my art can share the Manos story, the clothing pieces story and my story as an artist who creates on of a kind wearable art. To remove or have the Manos story be one of dishonesty is just sickening to me and is an artists nightmare.If there is anyone out there that can offer me any hints or leads as to how to gather more information regarding Manos and their business practices I would greatly appreciete it.

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