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Windev Mobile 18 Download Torrent

The development environment is integrated, powerful, intuitive and it is adopted to the specificities of mobile devices. This application comes with all the tools which are needed for managing the entire life cycle of applications like Windows generator, setup generator, Windows generator and 5GL etc. It offers the usual development features but also loads of feature specific to the use of the mobile devices like SMS reading, accelerometer management, GPS positioning, bar codes and compass management. There is a 5th generation language which will let you develop quicker than the traditional language. The powerful functions will make the code easier to write and read by simplifying both the development and the maintenance. The compatibility of WINDEV and WINDEV Mobile is amazing. The database programming is identical and you can also share and reuse most of the codes, classes, queries and controls. You can also download Android Assistant For Windows.

windev mobile 18 download torrent


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