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No Romance Without Finance [WORK]

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No Romance Without Finance

While the controversy over gays in the society continues to dominate conversations, there is still a long-held view by many women (of all classes) that as soon as a man enters the picture, he is supposed to finance them almost entirely. Some of the women come right to the point and tell the men that they expect money for rent/mortgage, groceries, utility bills, the beauty parlour, entertainment, clothing, airline tickets/ shopping money, car payments, bus/taxi fares, doctor bills, school fees and the most trivial ever ... phone credit!

These women call me stupid when I deal with a man who does not dole out a monthly allowance to me. But having been conditioned from birth to never beg a man for money, I have over the years been happy with the man who knows that it's his duty to buy me gifts/finance special treats for all the special occasions: my birthday, Valentine's Day, our anniversary, Christmas Day plus pay for all dates and pick up the tab if we go out and something catches my eye. No damn Dutch for me either!" I will take care of my day-to-day expenses and I'd rather borrow from the bank and pay interest rather than beg a man for money. I deserve all of this because I am not presenting a bill after every sexual encounter or meal served.

Let's dive into this thought a bit. What I derive from this comment is there is no relationship without money. I find tremendous fault with this philosophy in both business and life in general. Funny thing is, it tends to be blindly accepted by and used by many in business today. As a leadership team, we challenged these senior leaders around embracing this philosophy but were unsuccessful in effecting change and as a result it became a guiding principle for that company. Our challenge was that anyone who has truly been in love or involved in a rewarding relationship (personal or business) knows that this is a shallow statement and untrue. I truly felt sorry for these individuals as they believe finance is the major key to business success. If that was true, there would have been a lot of .com's and banks still in business today as they had loads of IPO money and investment, but what they didn't have is values, principles and trust, the place where relationships truly get built. Most of the time, this happens long before any finances are exchanged.

How many of us have fallen in love because of money? I for one have not, I choose to be romantic or involved with a person who I can trust and who shares a genuine interest in me and I am fortunate to have found this in my life! When you establish that, the romance becomes deep and long lasting. The issue with money is that money comes and goes and if you base your relationship on this factor, when it goes, it's over. Trust, when established on one's true values and principles, is hard to destroy and usually gets stronger over time. I contend trust is the way to romance which often then does result in a strong financial outcome.

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