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High Card Episode 1 !NEW!

According to its creators, High Card was inspired by the movie Kingsman and deliberately designed to be accessible to non-Japanese audiences. I haven't seen Kingsman personally, but even without that context, High Card was a good reminder of why I don't care for high-budget Hollywood action thrillers: they're far more interested in looking cool than telling a tight story with interesting characters.

High Card Episode 1


If you're looking for neat action, High Card will most likely keep your blood pumping, but for me, it was a struggle to pay attention through the whole episode. It was all just so empty, pure flash with no substance inside. Finn is a thief with a heart of gold, an orphan living on the streets? How novel! The orphanage will be shut down, so he's desperate to make money to save it? Why, I never saw that coming! Y'all will have to try harder than that to get me invested in this poor boy's plight than you are here. I like action, don't get me wrong, but I need more context about why I should care about the flashy car chases.

At first blush, this episode's opening sequence does not have much in common with the rest of the show. What is important to get from it, however, is the girl in the episode's beginning can pull off an explosive feat because she uses what appears to be magic playing cards. (No, not Magic the Gathering cards.) When she loses all the cards during her escape, and they fly free like shooting stars, that's the actual setup for the episode: the cards have been unleashed upon an ignorant public to be used as they will without really understanding their power.

As you might guess, the cards naturally fall into the wrong hands. It's not clear whether these cards were a well-known weapon before their loss, and that's something that the episode needed to establish a little bit better. It also feels slightly too ambitious; if the face cards count, there are at least fifty-two potential people with these powers, assuming that efforts to collect more than one card per user have been less effective thus far. There is an effort to balance these questions with action, but I don't feel like it works well enough to maintain an air of intrigue and solid plot-based action. For example, I want to know how much Finn understood about his two of spades right from the start; It feels just a little too easy that he manages to turn it into a gun at a critical moment.

This episode did not pull off what it wanted to. Establishing Finn as a ne'er-do-well with a heart of gold who wants to save an orphanage, possibly one where he grew up, is not the same as making him a fully realized character. I enjoy the repeated feats of sleight of hand that he pulls off during his debut scene; that he managed to rescue the little boy's lost dog felt like a very lovely indication that his heart is in the right place. The casino scene felt like an attempt to shoehorn in gambling in a show based on magical playing cards, and the appearance of three card users at the scene is slightly too pat. This wants to be a slick action show with this supernatural edge, and I don't feel like it entirely pulled it off, though I can't quite articulate why. It's probably worth the three-episode test, but it very quickly could turn out to be a show whose ambitions far outstrip what it can do.

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On this episode of the mainline we talk about Trigun Stampede Ep 5, Revenger Ep 5, Kiana of the Great Snow Sea Ep 4, High Card Ep 5, Vinland Saga Season 2 Ep 5, Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill Ep 1-5, Tomo-Chan is a Girl E1 - 5, The Last of Us Ep 4.

He decides to try his luck out at a casino in the hope that he will get filthy rich and save his orphanage. However, nice guys always have the hardest route, a literal hell was waiting for him at the casino, where he had encountered a car chase and a bloody shootout just because of a lucky card a man possessed.

It is unfolded that there is a secret organization that works directly for the King of Fourland and has the sole goal of finding these cards. It is called High Card, and all of its members are disguised as workers of the luxurious carmaking shop of Pinochle.

Fourland Kingdom is an island nation in the North Atlantic. In this country, there are 52 X-Playing Cards, considered the origin of playing cards. A card with a unique supernatural ability can gift its abilities to a qualified person: the player.

The first episode premiered in January 2023, creating a buzz on the internet with its poker-like theme. While previewing the anime series at Anime NYC in November 2022, Kawamoto and Muno admitted that the Kingsman movies inspired the High Card. Kingsman is a British movie filled with action and comedy; we recommend you check it out if you are a fan of spy movies.

They also revealed that the reason behind setting up a fictional kingdom outside of Japan was to make it appealing to audiences around the world. We do not blame you for getting hooked to the screen after watching a few episodes. All the release dates and timings of High Card episodes are below.

Finn gets inducted into High Card, a special organisation the King created to recover the 52 cards. High Card hides their identity and works undercover as a salesman for Pinochle car company. High Card needs to find the cards before other rivals and deal with the threats of the Klondike Mafia, as Klondike will try to crush them to get their hands on the cards for their nefarious activities.

High Card will have 12 episodes in total. The episodes will release every Monday for most of the places. The confirmed release dates of upcoming episodes have been shared below, and we hope this will help you schedule your day so that you can take time out for the latest episodes.

We know that some people can be busy and also anime enthusiasts. For them, the least we could do is share the timings. Below is the list of timings for different time zones. Each episode will be 25 minutes duration.

I watched most of the episodes of High Card, and it has a lot of potentials to shine. The premise is fun, and the system is not complex like other spy anime. The animation is great, considering a small studio created it.

You will experience emotional beats in the spy flick of different characters. After episode 5, everything turns dark and grim; if you are unprepared to watch some blood and gore scenes, this might not be for you.

The focus is on moving the plot forward, so the past incidents will not be as much detailed as one would expect them to be. The ratings and reviews may change depending on how the upcoming episodes turn out.

Movie Name: High Card (2023) Season 1Movie File Size: 200mbStars & Casts in the Movie: Country of the Movie:Genre: Movie Summary: Fourland Kingdom is an island nation in the North Atlantic. In this country, there are 52 X-Playing Cards, considered the origin of playing cards. A card with a unique supernatural ability can gift its abilities to a qualified person: the player.Duration of the Movie: 1 Hour +Subtitle: EnglishMovie Quality: 480p, HDRip, 720p.Movie Trailer:

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