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Windows On Zfs

We run (exclusively at the moment) Window Server 2008 R2 servers. What is the "next best" DAS storage option for this OS? I can't find a ZFS implementation for windows, so that's out. There are a myrad of RAID cards out there: can someone recommend a setup that approaches ZFS flexibility? A setup where you can just add a disk to the pool and bam more storage without having to take the server down for rebuild?

Windows On Zfs

As far as I know, really the only option you have that approaches being somewhat reliable is to get a SAN that implements storage virtualization and connect your windows servers to it via iSCSI/FC/FCoE/etc.

There is a couple of options you can look forward in windows. Windows ntfs file system has supports for logical disk management. You can read more and see if it fits your requirement from -us/library/cc758035(WS.10).aspx. The other option you have is to use veritas volume manager -foundation-for-windows .

While others have definitely answered the question in a fortuitous manner. Its not the the unix file structure thats as much of a problem as its the memory models and the other functions of the system. after all BTRFS is doing really darn well at making progress to coming to windows with a software layer driver

I think the thing with ZFS is it really would require more of than a driver. It would require switching how the OS allocates memory. While windows can certainly already do this in a primitive manner its not as easy as doing it in the linux kernel on the fly

Quick remark, time is an issue. I just did a run of the sript again at 11:52 and the latest snapshot gives the following. The time in the unraid GUI is correct, so this is a incorrect setting of the time in the creation of the snapshots. Though, i dont exactly know where the time difference is coming from, and weather it affects the workings of previous versions in windows.

HiSo what about the reverse, separate controller with your zfs pool and use this controller/disk in the qemu machine, run ssh server on the windows qemu machine and from the host connect to the pool if needed with sshfs? When the windows machine is not running unbind (I just script this as part of qemu start up) as use as normal on the host?


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