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Download rld.dll file for NBA 2K14 - best source and tips

How to Fix rld.dll Missing Error on NBA 2K14

If you are a fan of basketball games, you might have played or want to play NBA 2K14, one of the most popular and realistic basketball simulation games ever made. However, some players have reported that they encounter a rld.dll missing error when they try to launch or play the game. This error prevents them from enjoying the game and can be very frustrating.

In this article, we will explain what rld.dll is and why it is important for NBA 2K14, what causes the rld.dll missing error, and how to fix it with four easy solutions. We will also give you some tips on how to prevent this error from happening again in the future. By the end of this article, you should be able to play NBA 2K14 without any problems.

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What is rld.dll and why is it important for NBA 2K14?

rld.dll is a dynamic link library (DLL) file that is associated with NBA 2K14 and other games that use the same engine. It contains code and data that provide functionality related to software licensing and copy protection. It is essential for the game to run properly and verify its authenticity.

However, sometimes rld.dll can be missing, corrupted, or incompatible with your system or game version. This can cause the game to fail to start or crash during gameplay. You might see an error message like this:

The program can't start because rld.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.

or this:

The dynamic library "rld.dll" failed to initialize (E1103).

or this:

rld.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.

Causes of rld.dll missing error on NBA 2K14

There are several possible reasons why you might encounter the rld.dll missing error on NBA 2K14. Some of them are:

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  • You have accidentally deleted or moved rld.dll from its original location.

  • Your antivirus program has detected rld.dll as a threat and quarantined or deleted it.

  • Your game or system files are outdated or corrupted and need to be updated or repaired.

  • Your game installation is incomplete or damaged and needs to be reinstalled.

Solutions to fix rld.dll missing error on NBA 2K14

Fortunately, there are some simple and effective solutions that can help you fix the rld.dll missing error on NBA 2K14. Here are four of them that you can try:

Solution 1: Download and install rld.dll manually

One way to fix the rld.dll missing error is to download the file from a reliable source and install it manually on your system. Here are the steps to do this:

  • Go to a trusted website that offers DLL files for download, such as .

  • Search for rld.dll and download the file that matches your system architecture (32-bit or 64-bit).

  • Extract the DLL file from the downloaded ZIP file using a tool like WinRAR or 7-Zip.

  • Copy the DLL file and paste it into the installation folder of NBA 2K14, which is usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\2K Sports\NBA 2K14 or C:\Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K14.

  • Restart your computer and launch NBA 2K14 to see if the error is fixed.

Note: Be careful when downloading DLL files from the internet, as some of them may contain viruses or malware that can harm your system. Only download from reputable sources and scan the files with your antivirus program before installing them.

Solution 2: Disable or whitelist your antivirus program

Another possible cause of the rld.dll missing error is that your antivirus program has mistakenly identified rld.dll as a malicious file and blocked or removed it. To fix this, you can either disable your antivirus program temporarily or whitelist rld.dll in its settings. Here are the steps to do this:

  • Open your antivirus program and look for an option to disable it temporarily. Usually, you can find this option by right-clicking on the antivirus icon in the system tray or by opening the main interface of the program.

  • Alternatively, you can whitelist rld.dll in your antivirus settings. This means that you tell your antivirus program to ignore rld.dll and not scan or delete it. The exact steps to do this may vary depending on your antivirus program, but generally, you can find this option by going to the settings, exclusions, or exceptions menu of the program.

  • Add rld.dll and NBA 2K14 to the list of files or programs that are excluded from scanning or protection by your antivirus program.

  • Save the changes and restart your computer.

  • Launch NBA 2K14 and check if the error is resolved.

Note: Remember to enable your antivirus program again after you have fixed the error, as disabling it can expose your system to other threats.

Solution 3: Update your game and system drivers

Sometimes, the rld.dll missing error can be caused by outdated or corrupted game or system files that need to be updated or repaired. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  • Check if there are any updates available for NBA 2K14 and install them if there are. You can do this by launching the game launcher and clicking on the check for updates button, or by visiting the official website of NBA 2K14 and downloading the latest patches.

  • Check if there are any updates available for your system drivers, especially your graphics card driver, and install them if there are. You can do this by using a tool like Driver Easy or by visiting the manufacturer's website of your hardware device and downloading the latest drivers.

  • Restart your computer and launch NBA 2K14 to see if the error is gone.

Note: Updating your game and system drivers can also improve your game performance and stability, as well as fix other issues that you may encounter.

Solution 4: Repair or reinstall your game

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to repair or reinstall your game to fix the rld.dll missing error. This can help you restore any missing or damaged game files that may be causing the error. Here are the steps to do this:

If you have installed NBA 2K14 through Steam, you can use the Steam client to verify the integrity of game files. This will scan and repair any corrupted or missing game files automatically. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Steam and go to your library.

  • Right-click on NBA 2K14 and select Properties.

  • Go to the Local Files tab and click on Verify Integrity of Game Files.

  • Wait for the process to complete and close Steam.

  • Launch NBA 2K14 and see if the error is fixed.

If you have installed NBA 2K14 from a disc or another source, you can try to repair it using the setup file or uninstall and reinstall it completely. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Insert the disc that contains NBA 2K14 into your computer or locate the setup file that you have downloaded from another source.

  • Run the setup file and choose Repair or Modify when prompted. This will attempt to fix any issues with your game installation.

  • If Repair or Modify does not work or is not available, choose Uninstall instead. This will remove all traces of NBA 2K14 from your system.

  • After uninstalling NBA 2K14, restart your computer and reinstall it using the same disc or setup file.

  • Launch NBA 2K14 and check if the error is solved.

Note: Before you uninstall NBA 2K14, make sure you back up your game data and settings, such as your save files, rosters, and preferences. You can find them in the Documents\NB


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