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Shantaram (2022) Subtitles [TOP]

Shantaram English subtitles can be downloaded from Many versions of Subtitles have been added. Your No. 1 trusted subtitle blog, is here to ensure you have an easy read throughout the subtitle to the trending movies and Tv Shows.

Shantaram (2022) subtitles


When i watch on my pc through emby theater the subtitles show up and work perfectly. When trying to watch on my roku TV the subtites show in the dropdown menu however they do not show up when playing the media. Noticed only with MKV files. Any ideas ?

To enable anyone to say anything useful, it would help to know what kind of subtitles they are (see the bottom of the details screen for the item), and what the various settings in the server and the Roku relating to subs are set to. Most of this information is saved in the server log from the time you had the issue, so the starting point is to provide that as detailed in this advice: 041b061a72


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