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[S1E4] The Bubble

They find the toad, who initially denies stealing the pyramids, but admits it when Cat says, "Really?!". He then offers them three cubes instead, painting them gold, but Peg points out that pyramids are too different. The toad relinquishes the pyramids, but then a dragon steals them. Ramone arrives in a bubble because apparently he's a wizard today and gives them a magical cylinder to help them. The cylinder has many properties: it can make Peg fly (while Cat is holding her leg, so he flies too), make birds appear, move things out of the way, and supposedly makes its holder invincible.

[S1E4] The Bubble

  • This episode provides examples of Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal: Cat wears a knight's hat when he's being Sir Cat.

  • While being King, the Pig wears a crown and a necklace.

  • Floating in a Bubble: While being a wizard, Ramone travels in a giant bubble.

  • The Klutz: Cat's clumsiness shows when he has trouble keeping his hat in the right place, falls into mud, and bumps into the Pig's throne.

  • Left the Background Music On: In this episode, the "big problem" Leitmotif is in-universe, it's played on horns.

  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: It's never revealed how and why Pig became the King, Ramone became a wizard, and Peg and Cat were knighted.

Ultimately, this is a mindset problem. This divisive attitude between developers and operations, where one didn't have to understand the concerns of the other. Well, in the past that had been just fine, but as speed became a premium that culture became more and more unstable. Being siloed in your work bubble was just way too inefficient.

I'm struggling to get the chart.js dart port to properly render a bubble chart when serving the web app with the --release flag. Using dart2js seems to be breaking the chart, as it works perfectly with --no-release. 041b061a72


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