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Download File Team Kits Competition Kits Files...

2. Head onto your PC and download the Option files from one of the myriad PES-dedicated sites. PESWorld and PES Universe are two of the most popular, with regular updates improving on already great-looking kits.

Download File Team Kits Competition Kits Files...

Downloading fan-made patches to a USB stick and then onto your PS4 (or copying them across to game files directly on your PC) can replace every single unofficial team, stadium, kit, competition and/or badge in the game, meaning you're able to make what is a decent footballing experience on the pitch also one of the most visually realistic.

Sadly for Xbox One owners there is still no ability to transfer and install an option file at present. Rather than being able to simply import externally created files from a USB drive, Xbox One players will instead need to manually edit the teams, kits, and competitions in-game.

1. First up, you'll need to install WinRAR or a similar program, or double check that your computer is capable of opening up zipped files. This helps to extract all the kits and logos that have been packed into a single, larger file.

6. Open the pack you've downloaded, and extract the files so that they're saved in the above folder. So if you're installing kits, make sure the extracted files are saved to the 'Kits' folder, for example. The folder path you'll see is: Your PC > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2023 > Graphics > Kits (or Logos, depending on which one you're installing).

Cricket 22 might be the best cricket sim out there right now but, unfortunately, due to the messy way in which global cricket image and player likenesses rights work, it does lack licenses for a significant number of real players, teams, leagues, kits, and stadiums. Notably, the Indian National Cricket teams and players are missing from Cricket 22, as well as the real teams in the Indian Premier League. Licenses for the national sides of South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Afghanistan are also not present.

Fortunately, developer Big Ant Studios offer a huge creation toolkit within the game and the community comes to our rescue in providing replacement real teams and kits. Follow this guide to learn how it works.

The current download features three files, one for competitions, one for club names and one for stadiums and other fixes. It makes leagues, competitions and cups 100% authentic in Football Manager 2023.

By deleting the fake.lnc file you will not only enable the German national team. You will also enable player pics of the French and Dutch national teams by simply removing this file. This is something that can sort any errors you may have showing the player faces of the French and Dutch national team players, even though you may have downloaded the latest update to your preferred facepack.

Modern press kits come in different shapes and sizes: PDF files or folders (shared on company websites, online newsrooms, or via services like Dropbox and WeTransfer), entire web pages, and, occasionally, printed press materials.

For example, if your media kit aims to promote a new product line at your retail store, highlight team members who specialize in the products or were responsible for bringing them on board. Media kits meant to promote an event could include key contacts for event details or employees responsible for organizing and setting up the event.

You should now have the official (fan-made) kits, team names, badges, and leagues in PES 2021 on PS4. If your Option Files did not work, you can always try to get them from a different source. PesWorld, for example, should have Option Files for PES 2021 on PS4 soon after its launch on September 15, 2020. Keep an eye out for other websites that offer complete Option Files, too.

Serie A rivals Napoli, for example, are now known by their not-so-modern alias, Parthenope! Manchester United is named Man UFC, while the only English Premier League teams with full licensing for their club badges and kits are Manchester City and Brighton.

The link below contains a megapack that features player faces and hundreds of in-game managers and staff that are not included in the base game. As with the badges, kits, and logos, the downloaded folder will need to be placed into your Graphics folder. 041b061a72


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