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Free Weight Loss App For Android

Free Features: Barcode scanner, body measurements, calorie counter, exercise log, food diary, goal setting, in-app challenges, in-app community, nutrient tracker, progress charts, recipes, reminders, water tracker, weight logAvailability: iPhone and AndroidOptional Subscription: Premium Membership ($19.99/month after a one-month free trial or $79.99/year)

free weight loss app for android

Free Features: Barcode scanner, calorie counter, exercise log, food diary, goal setting, progress charts, reminders, weight logAvailability: iPhone and AndroidOptional Subscription: Premium Membership ($39.99/year after a one-week free trial; promotional pricing is sometimes available.)

No matter which free weight loss app you download, be sure to consult with your doctor before making any major changes to your diet or exercise routine. While each of these apps recommends a number of daily calories, nothing replaces the advice of a trained medical professional.

You can get anything from fitness trackers, calorie counters, diet and recipe information, and specific workout routines without spending a dime. The only thing better than finally hitting your weight loss goals, is doing it for free.

The Lose It! free weight loss app builds a custom nutrition plan for your weight loss goals. It uses your information to create a daily calorie guide and has a food tracking log so you can keep track of your progress.

The SparkPeople free weight loss app also gives you extra motivation with a reward system. They award you points for healthy habits which gives you the encouragement you need to keep working towards your goals.

The Fitbit free weight loss app connects with your Fitbit tracker so you can easily see your progress, and connect with other users. There is nothing like a little competition between family and friends to get those daily step counts up.

This unique weight loss app encourages you to join supportive groups of people working towards similar goals called clubs. Clubs provide Nudge app users with support, inspiration, and advice to help them along their weight loss journey.

The Nudge free weight loss app also has additional features, like the option to use a personal coaching tool for one-on-one guidance and motivation. In a world of technology, this app is all about connecting to other real people.

This free weight loss app logs everywhere you run with automatic GPS and elevation tracking. It even has audio workout feedback. Like many other weight loss apps you can set goals, follow plans, and track your progress.

Leap Fitness is a developer on Google Play with several decent fitness apps and weight loss apps. Your options include a home exercise app, two apps for lowering belly fat, an app specifically for female fitness, a run tracker app, a plank workout app, a step counter app, and a drink water reminder app. Each of these apps do different things. Most of them track your various exercises while others help with secondary things like tracking steps or your water intake. The good news is that most of these apps have a single cost instead of a subscription. That makes them excellent for those who want to avoid yet another subscription cost. However, they are simpler than most weight loss apps with a subscription.

Exercise is an important part of weight loss no matter how you swing it. The Map My Fitness series of apps does a good job for people looking to track their fitness. There are four apps by this developer. The first maps your runs, the second maps your walks, the third maps your bike rides, and the last one records your workouts. You can use any one of them depending on your fitness needs. The four apps should cover what most people do for exercise. The subscriptions are lame, but relatively inexpensive comparatively and we believe you can use all four apps with a single subscription.

There are a variety of games that get you off the couch and moving around. Some notable examples include Pokémon GO, The Walking Dead: Our World, Ingress, Ghostbusters World, and the popular Zombies, Run game. Most of them are AR video games where you go out into the real world, check-in at real-world locations, and perform various types of activities. Zombies, Run is a running app that tells you a story that you unlock as you continue running. The AR games are generally freemium while Zombies, Run is a subscription service that starts at $2.99 per month. These are excellent games for losing weight if you want some extra motivation to get off of the couch and go running or walking around.

Whether you need meal inspiration or just want a better way to keep your goals in mind, our tools are here to guide you. Download our weight loss tracker and carb counter app for free today by clicking below. Starting a weight loss plan just got a lot easier!

Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this Site is intended to provide health care advice. Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider. Consult your physician or health care provider before beginning the Atkins Diet as you would any other weight loss or weight maintenance program. The weight loss phases of the Atkins Diet should not be used by persons on dialysis. Individual results may vary.

Calorie Counter + by NutraCheck is a solid app choice for a variety of goals, including weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance and intermittent fasting. With this app, you can set your macronutrients (which are carbohydrates, fat and protein) and calorie deficit, track nutritional information like carbs and protein and access a community for support. This calorie counter also links to your desired fitness device, including brands like Apple, Garmin and Fitbit.

Lose It! is a standout calorie counting app if your goal is to lose weight. Its Premium features include a personalized weight loss plan, meal and exercise planning and insights into your eating and behavior patterns. It also touts robust tracking features that go beyond calories, such as the ability to track your water intake, macronutrients and blood pressure.

Diet apps are programs that can be used on a smartphone, allowing you to track eating and activity habits to help your weight loss efforts. One of the most popular features of diet apps is the ability to record the food you eat and view the nutritional information.

If you're looking to track your calories, macros, and other lifestyle habits to lose weight, a weight loss app can be a helpful tool. When used consistently, these apps can help you better learn your own eating and nutrition habits, and identify steps to take to reach goals. Research has shown that weight loss apps may be helpful for people who are committed to tracking their dietary intake.

Laing BY, Mangione CM, Tseng CH, et al. Effectiveness of a smartphone application for weight loss compared with usual care in overweight primary care patients. Ann Intern Med. 2014;161. doi:10.7326/M13-3005

Beyond the apps listed here, you can also try Losers Welcome and Jillian Michaels weight loss programs. They're both comparable in price to Weight Watchers but offer meal plans, workouts, and more. The app or program you choose for weight loss depends on your needs, desires, and budget.

SparkPeople is another full-featured calorie counter that tracks nutrition, activities, goals and progress. It's one of the most well-known and has been around for quite some time. I've been a member off and on since 2013! I love that SparkPeople has a helpful community and posts like how to find your zen. Health and weight loss start from the inside!

I understand that if WW was less expensive you would still use that app. I agree that overall it seems to function better. I love the cost savings with iTrackBites and the fact that I can track with one of the older plans. Both apps are subject to inconsistencies and have human error. When WW was switching over to the color plans there were a ton of points calculated wrong in the app. I ran into quite a few discrepancies myself. During that time the iTrackBites app was more accurate. As I write this both apps seem to be about the same as far as accuracy goes. I still like the cost of iTrackBites better and the versatility of being able to choose between 6 different programs instead of just three. WW is catching up to the fact that people lose weight differently and that one plan does not fit all. iTrackBites is a step ahead in this arena in my opinion. Thank you very much for your comment I hope you are staying safe and continue to move towards your goals.Your friend in weight lossKevinThe 6 programs offered by iTrackBites are:

Weight loss is all about daily habits, and apps can be a great way to make sure you stay on top of those habits. For example, a 2019 paper published in JMIR mHealth and uHealth found that people who tracked their food daily using My Fitness Pal lost the most weight compared to those who used the app less diligently. Researchers found the combination of using a food diary and developing tailored goals were key in helping people lose weight.

It doesn't matter what diet you're on, or what specific approach you're taking to losing weight: At the end of the day, success comes down to calories in vs. calories out. That's why we're such big fans of the MyFitnessPal app, which has a database of more than 1 million foods, complete with counts on calories, macros, and other nutrients. Don't know how many calories are in that turkey burger? MyFitnessPal can help you out. Plus, it can help you set the right weight loss goals based on your current weight, how much you want to lose, and your current exercise level.

It's a one-stop shop for all the no-gym workouts out need to help you power the fitness side of your weight loss journey. There are bodyweight workouts, cardio workouts, yoga, and even stretching. There's a timer, a tracker, and even the option to connect one-on-one to a personal trainer.

Lose It! is the sleeker younger sibling of MyFitnessPal. The experience is very user-friendly, with cool features like finding restaurant listings by using your location. This app is also super tailored to weight-loss as a goal, and has community groups you can join to help keep you accountable.


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